There are some ways you can do to help you improve your semen volume. These will not increase your semen volume as much as taking Semenax, but every little bit counts.

By leading a healthy lifestyle, and getting an adequate amount of exercise, you can improve your sperm quality.

If you need faster results, try Semenax today. It’s an all-natural, doctor-approved formula that will enhance your semen volume and sperm motility by up to 500%. No prescription required.

Semenax Ingredients

Like all health supplements, the secret’s in the formula.

Swedish Flower

Pollen, as the male cell of the plant kingdom, has a well-deserved reputation for extra vim, vigor, and virility. It provides all the biofactors that are precursors for the sex hormones, and micro-nutrients essential for healthy reproductive systems.

Epimedium Sagittatum

Sometimes called “horny goat weed,” this botanical boosts libido and testosterone levels for greater sperm production.

L-Argentine HCL

Studies show sperm and semen volume doubles, fertility improves (even among men with low sperm counts or poor sperm motility), and sperm health and activity increase with supplementation.


Researchers find that this amino acids plus zinc increases sperm produced, stimulates testosterone production, and improves semen quality.

Butea Superba

Considered an Aphrodisiac this herb is grown in Thailand and is traditionally used by Thai men to boost sexual performance and libido.


This amino acid is found in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm.

Why Do You Have To Try Semenax ?

What makes SEMENAX so good?

Pump Up the Volume with Semenax Pills

There are a few things in life that you feel you may not have control over. You can’t make yourself taller, change the colour of your eyes, or change certain things about your sexual performance. Studies show that women equate a large load with sexual potency, so what you don’t have maybe hurting you!

There is Something

Luckily, there is now something on the market that addresses this very problem. Semenax is designed to increase the amount of ejaculation that you produce during the act. So, now you can rest assured that when you make love, you will be sending the right message to your lover.

Figuring Out the Differences

Semenax was created by a panel of experts that had one thing in mind, the amount of semen that a typical man produces in a sexual act. They then studied why each man’s load volume is different, and then pinpointed the variables that make some men have more semen than others. Thus Semenax was created.

The Benefits

Why should you consider Semenax? There are several different advantages to using such a product. These include •

Increased power. Your partner will subconsciously be aware of your load, and know that you are a worthy mate and partner.•

Increased fertility. If you want to have children, you need as many soldiers as possible on the front lines. Semenax increases the amount of each deposit, making it possible to correct many fertility problems safely and naturally.•

More intense orgasm during sex. The more semen you have, the longer and more intense your orgasm will be. •

Increase in confidence and self-worth. When you feel better about yourself sexually, it helps you in other areas of your life as well. You will do better at work, in school, and life. You are more likely to get the success and attention you deserve.


Once you decide that Semenax is right for you, all you have to do is start taking the pills consistently. You will begin to notice a difference in your sperm volume within a few days. Over time, you may also see that you can maintain an erection longer than you did before taking Semenax.

There are over 1 million satisfied Semenax users around the world.

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